FRINGE PREVIEW: Cult Cycle presented by Straight Edge Theatre

I email chatted with Director and co-creator of Cult Cycle, Bethany Hughes.  Here are her answers to our Fringe Preview Questions!

Describe your Fringe show in 10 words or less. Hot. Sweaty. Hilarious. 'Spin'cere Spoof. 

Now the longer description... what else should people know about it? This production is amazing and has been such a gift to work on, write, and direct. This insanely talented group of spinners, alongside the INCREDIBLE support from Jeff and Jordan Law (SpinUnity) have been awe inspiring to work with. We have had so much fun to building and creating and spinning.  The hidden secret of this show, is that this entire team had to learn how to spin, actually spin and each actor took multiple fitness classes (barre, conditioning, running, endurance etc.) and attended spin classes to prepare. The work on the character, vocals and lines is hard enough, but this show is also very physically demanding. 

What makes Cult Cycle a great choice for the Fringe? Cult Cycle is a great fringe show because it evokes all the things that make the #yegfringe festival so wonderful to be a part of. It is a new work, it is a different kind of show in the way it is staged and the topic and content are also perfect for a Fringe audience. 

Okay, you're in rehearsal with an amazing group of people...
    a. Who makes you laugh the most? This cast is full of characters, each one of them is hilarious and has had me on the floor at one point. I am torn. I have to say Mark Sinongco and Jaimi Reese are probably the two who make me laugh the most.
    b. Who makes you groan? Shoshana, Stephen's puppy. She has been our unofficial rehearsal mascot for the last few weeks. She manages to bark along to the lyrics
    c. Who is most likely to give you a massage? Jordan Campion. She is an incredibly supportive and generous Stage Manager, and would give anyone her spin tank on her back, if you asked for it, let alone a massage. 

The Official Description: There is a new spin studio in town! Welcome to Cult Cycle where you will burn fat and arise a new you from the ashes. This original musical gives a new meaning to the statement "That spin class was torture". Be prepared to "Get FIT or DIE trying!"

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Photo Credit: Taylor Pitman


Labhaois said…
I am so excited about this one!

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