FRINGE PREVIEW: Escaped Alone - “It’s hard to imagine you’ll come across a more brilliant play this year.”

Director Amy Defelice completed the Fringe Preview email interview about her 2018 Edmonton Fringe offering, Caryl Churchill's Escaped Alone. Featuring some of Edmonton's finest actresses, it's sure to please...

Describe your Fringe show in 10 words or less. A comedy-drama about longtime female friends, confessions and catastrophes.

Now the longer description... what else should people know about it? This production is the Canadian premiere of a 2016 Caryl Churchill play, after productions in London and New York.  Churchill is considered of the best playwrights in the world, a dynamic innovator.  She wrote Top Girls and Cloud 9.  Time Out Magazine wrote of Escaped Alone that it is “It’s hard to imagine you’ll come across a more brilliant play this year.” There is a stellar cast for the Edmonton production Vivien Bosley, Judy McFerran, Holly Turner and Alison Wells. It is a surprisingly funny play.

What makes Escaped Alone a great choice for the Fringe? It is a 55 minute gem that both amuses and gives the audience much to think about.  It is brilliantly written - our preview audience related to the characters and how they talk.

Okay, you're in rehearsal with an amazing group of people...
    a. Who makes you laugh the most? They all have different senses of humour that amuses me in different ways, but Marion Brant (our Stage Manager) has a fabulously dry sense of humour. 
    b. Who makes you groan? Alison Wells has the most wicked sense of humour (so she gets the prize for making me groan).
    c. Who is most likely to give you a massage? This is  group that can make a great Gin and Tonic at times of stress, rather than giving a massage.

The Official Description: Three old friends and a neighbor. A summer of afternoons in the backyard. Tea and catastrophe. The future. Domestic and wild. [Ms. Churchill is] "the most dazzlingly inventive living dramatist in the English language." She is the author of Cloud Nine and Top Girls.

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