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Pain in the Neck...

My seized neck is putting a real cramp in my style. I have been functioning pretty good with it - getting the things done that I needed to get done, but oh it hurts. Luckily I have been able to find positions where I can sleep, but if I shift too suddenly in the night it isn't fun. Leads to me sleeping in a very tense state. I will continue to medicate and hopefully the muscle will relax soon. Last night I had a great blocking session for Whorehouse . It is picky work fitting together the bits and pieces of the opening sequence, but we got it mapped out and when we revisit it we will add more characterization and colour and choreography to give it more zing! The cast sounds wonderful. I went on Sunday to the music rehearsal just to hear them and they sound so good and it isn't even the whole bunch of them. We will definitely have a great sound - yee haw! It's nice to have a show where all the soloists can sing well and all the ensemble can sing well (indeed, pretty


A few weeks ago I was asked to Adjudicate the City High School One Act Festival . The adjudicator they had lined up had a family emergency and had to cancel so they were in a bind. It took a bit of doing and a lot of apprehension, but I managed to secure child care and get some materials to prepare myself for the task. The past three days I watched 17 One Acts prepared by 8 Edmonton High Schools. I got to engage with the larger group, discussing themes and challenges of the pieces and then I got to talk with the individual productions about their strengths and areas of improvement. I was nervous and a little scared. One of the reasons I am back at University is because I want to deepen my background in theatre. My knowledge is highly practical and intuitive. But it was a lot of fun. I think I was able to offer helpful suggestions to all the groups and I think I was able to do it in a positive way. I don't think I sugar coated anything, but I wasn't mean either. I had s

The Importance of How You Sell Your Art...

I had a short but interesting conversation with my mother about The Drowning Girls which is playing at The Citadel . She mentioned in an off-hand way that she didn't think she would like it because she thought the idea of three girls coming out of a bathtub was weird. I stopped her, having seen the show at the Catalyst a few years ago, and told her that I really felt she would like it. I know my mother, I knew the show, it is a good fit. Hopefully she will reconsider and go and see it. But doesn't it say something about what impression the media materials leave with people before they are even an audience? My mother made a decision based on how the show was being sold, even though I know she is someone who would like that show. I don't know, I found it interesting. I hope she goes and sees it now...

Too Busy to Write Anything!

This weekend I was so busy I haven't had time to update anything. We had auditions for The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas at Walterdale and I have been rehearsing for On The Wire when I wasn't at the auditions. It will be a great show based on the awesome turn-out we had. Tonight I had the Q 2 Q and final dress for On the Wire . It's in great shape especially considering we hadn't run it since Sunday. It will be nice to have an audience to keep us on our toes tomorrow night! 8 p.m. at Fort Edmonton Park - I think there are still a few tickets left!

Train Wreck...

That's all I can really say about my rehearsal tonight. Actually, I can say more. The song is coming along. It totally changed tonight, but it is coming along and I am not worried about anything but the finger snapping! I think we were better in the rehearsal than we thought because it was the weird line screw ups that were messing with our brains (I am using the royal 'us', I think). Anyhow, I would like to think it was not as bad as it felt, but it does mean that I have a lot of work to do. Lines, lines, lines...

Fun Times at the On The Wire Photoshoot!

Here's what I looked like. I will post the actual media photos when we get them! I liked wearing the falsies (eyelashes, that is...).

Laughing Lots

I am having so much fun in rehearsals for On the Wire . It's a wild little ride and we have a lot to do in a short time, but it certainly is fun. I am so glad I am doing it. Last night we worked on the song. It will need a lot of work, but I think it should be fine. I also have a lot of work to do on my lines, but they are coming along!