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Getting Ready...

This week is about getting ready it seems.  Getting ready for my new job that starts after the long weekend.  I have a closet to assess and then likely some clothes to buy for that.  I have pretty much everything in place for the boys at this point.  I have lots of nerves and excitement to deal with.  I will be starting at the Citadel Theatre as the new Marketing Administrator.  It's an exciting new challenge and I feel I'm am in need of it. I am figuring the learning curve will be steep in August but it's that kind of push that motivates me!  Wish me luck! I have also taken the time to work a bit on the schedule for Proof.   Of course, it isn't written in stone, as I will have to take into consideration the schedules of the actors I cast, but with my schedule getting a little tighter I have fewer options for flexibility. I luckily was informed of a new policy change at the theatre regarding move in time for the incoming production before I sent the conflicts out to t

Wedding and a Road Trip...

This past weekend I had company visit from afar and long ago and we took a little road trip back home to Fort McMurray for another long-time friend's wedding.  My best friend from my high school days, Tina, flew in from Toronto and the two of us loaded up the van and heading up the highway to see our wonderful friend Tammy marry Bryce.  It was a great day for a wedding and it was a lovely casual affair filled with friendship, great food, and a sing-a-long around the fire pit.  They also had fireworks and a very cool balloon release of wishes for the couple.  The best though, was seeing Tammy so obviously happy and full of joy. The trip to McMurray was fascinating.  It has been a few year since I have been there, I think four, and a lot has changed.  I think Tina was even more blown away as it had been much longer for her so there were many more changes to absorb.  We didn't have a lot of time to explore but Mac Island was incredible and the proliferation of new development

Midsummer Magic - A Great Time in the Park with Shakespeare!

It's the last week of the 25th Annual Freewill Shakespeare Festival but I think you are in for a good show whichever of the two plays you manage to get to. Earlier I wrote about Lear , which I liked so much I went to it twice.  I have to be completely candid here, I wasn't going to go to Midsummer .  I've been in it and have seen it many, many times and thought I had my fill of the play.  But this review by Liz Nichols in the Edmonton Journal and this Blog post by John Richardson and my reaction to Lear made me think that if I went, I would be seeing a 'new' Midsummer .  AM and I took in the Sunday matinee and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  The approach felt fresh and physical and sections that normally fail to draw me in (the lovers) were captivating and engaging.  This is a version that you can take kids to and you won't have to worry about them checking out.  I'm hoping to get back there this week with my kids as I think they would absolutely love it

My Next Next Gig... Directing at Walterdale in the Fall - Proof

Hey Everyone, I have mentioned this earlier, but I am directing Proof by David Auburn at Walterdale Playhouse this fall.  They've just wrapped up the Dracula auditions so it's time to spread the word on the next set of auditions.  I am excited to work on this one as it has been on my list for a few years now.  It's such a nice tight script with complete and compelling characters with interesting and complicated relationships.  It's almost mathematical! We have our first Design/Production Meeting tonight with the team and I am excited to share my vision so that everyone can get started thinking about the show! Here are the Audition Details: Performance Dates: Dec 4 – 14, 2013 Audition Dates: Sept 15 & 16, 2013; 7 – 10 p.m. Walterdale Theatre (10322 83 Avenue) The Team: Director: Kristen M. Finlay; Asst Director: Katelyn Arthurs; Stage Manager: Bethany Hughes; Designers: Joan Heys Hawkins (Set), Elaina Bolton (Costumes), Richard Hatfield (Lighting), Er

You Can't Get Something for Nothing.... aka There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch...

Those of you who know me, know that I do a lot of volunteering. I generally enjoy it and much of my volunteering has also paid me in other ways - experience, friendships, skill development, artistic satisfaction, etc... Because of the work I have done volunteering or free of charge ( like this blog when I use it in support of Edmonton Theatre ) has started to bring requests from people for more. Some of these requests are very flattering and even exciting.  Being asked to work on a show by someone you respect and on a project that you feel challenged and inspired by is very cool.  Being asked to be a part of a Board or Committee that contributes to an enriched experience for artists and their audiences can be amazing. I do not want those requests to stop. I always hope when I ask people to work on my shows that they know that I am asking because I respect their talent AND that I think the artistic pay-off for them will make it worth their while.  I understand when people say 'no&

Tap Dancing, Kid's Movies and Tinsel Teeth... My Week at a Glance!

I've had a very busy first week of summer vacation.  I started it off on Sunday with a get together with friends to celebrate Bacon! That's right, a Bacon Day party.  It was good to see many of my Spelling Bee family but I had to take off earlier than I would've liked to go get the boys as Mark was out of town helping shovel and clean in High River. I don't have the boys in camp this week... I do next week and I am glad for that as it is hard to get them moving and doing things and with the heat there have been some tensions... Anyhow, I tried to alleviate that by taking them to a couple of movies. We saw Monsters University which was a very well done prequel to Monsters Inc .  I love that Gibson got the message of the movie (teamwork and playing fair and that cheating does not make you a winner). We also went to Despicable Me 2 - another great kid's movie. The boys declared it better than the first one and I kind of agree.  Gosh, I love those minions! We started

A Shakespeare Weekend... And More to Come...

This past Friday I took in Opening Night of the Freewill Shakespeare Festival .  I had never seen King Lear before so I was excited to see it on the line-up this year.  I also had donated enough to get myself a VIP Concierge Card so I wanted to put it to good use. It was kind of exciting to be ushered in right away with the Card, however, I do not think we will arrive so early next time.  I am an 'early' person and I was still in the frame of mind of when to arrive when I have to line up for good seats so we were there much too early.  Now we know.  But it was fun to get ushered in, given popcorn and a drink and then sit down and watch the mic checks.  Actually, that felt awkward, but again, now I know and I will not go so early next time. And then the show!  I went in cold with no knowledge of the show beyond the program description and what little I knew from general life (mad king, three daughters, two of them flatterers and the other honest... that sort of thing).  I rea