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Tomorrow morning my group presents for Drama 103. I think we are in good shape. I am waiting for one of the group members to send me his designs for the PowerPoint presentation, but other than that I think we are good. Then I am on my own for the class and the final. I spent a lot of today getting last minute things done for this project. Assembling as much as I can of the project hand-in (it is huge) and running through the slides again in my head and adding to the backdrop until I had no more black paint left. I will be glad when it is done and handed in because I will keep adding things to it until it's out of my hands. Did I mention it is huge? I am more worried about the kid exchange in the morning because I need to get there earlyish to set up the projector and I have to get Oliver to the store but Mark has Rotary and he doesn't seem to want to be flexible with his schedule to help me out. It is also payday tomorrow and Mark didn't bring the hours sheet home on


Busy getting ready for the final project in Drama 103 . We have our big final rehearsal tomorrow and I am trying to make sure I have my things ready. I was Director for the project, by I also put together the slides for our projections and build the backdrop as well. I have been painting the edges of the drop so that it doesn't just look like a tea-dyed bed sheet. I hope the painting looks okay. There is no time to fix it. Of course, we can always do the * if we had unlimited budget...* thing in the talk back portion. I have been most disappointed by the talk back components of the presentations we have seen thus far. Only one of the groups really seemed prepared and cohesive with regards to production and discussion of concept. All of the productions had positive elements, but I strained to figure out why they made the choices they made. I hope we are clear. I also took time to go to see A Year of Winter at Shadow Theatre last night. I ran in to friends which was nice

Two Plays in One Day - Lucky Me!

Yesterday I got to go to two theatrical events. It was a good day. It wasn't stressful. It wasn't even pre-planned, so that was really nice. First I went to a workshop of Hwy63: the Fort Mac Play . I will tell you honestly, as a long-time resident of Fort McMurray there is no way I would ever be completely objective about this piece. I did try very hard to be so. It was also a workshop, so it is still in development so I think it hasn't quite found it's groove or purpose. Right now the whole environmental thing is very prominent in the script. An oft repeated phrase, "What's your agenda?" (something the playwrights were asked frequently when they went up there) was interesting, because I certainly found an agenda in the script. I was also disappointed when I recognized people I knew and I felt they were slightly mocking in their portrayal of them. Now, I did stick around and talk to one of the playwrights and she was very interested in what I had to say. I

The Last Five Days... The Last Five Weeks... The Last Five Years

We closed last night after an all too brief run. What a great experience. I was initially very excited to be asked to direct this project. What an honour when people who know a lot of talented people ask you to participate in a major way to their project. I am even more flattered after all is done. When I think of the entire team they assembled and the quality of the skills that everyone brought I feel blessed to have been a part of it, and even more blessed to have been considered equal to the task. I think I held my own. I certainly was happy with the production. I like working with people who strive to be as good as they can be, who take notes with the intentions given ( to make it more right ), and who trust me. I think I earned the trust. This was such a wonderful process. It felt a little tight for time at the beginning, and another week ( a warmer one ) plus a few more shows would have been lovely, but those would have been icing on the cake. We had 4 fabulous shows. We received

Still Number 12 on the Wait List....

A conversation the other evening with Magnolia while the techs focused the lights reminded me that I needed to see where we were at with my Fringe show so I sent off an email to the Fringe. I am still #12 on the Wait List, but I was told not to fret, that I should check back in April and that things were likely (but not guaranteed) to change with regards to my number. So, I am still waiting. That's alright. I have more than enough to keep me waiting until April. Perhaps I shall review the script. It has been a while since I tracked through it. I picked it up last weekend and got discouraged as it all sounded familiar (I did write it - it should be familiar), but maybe after this week and The Last Five Years is done, I can truly focus. Speaking of, the show is quite lovely. I may be bias in this assessment, but I don't think I am. I just want the heat on in the theatre so my actors don't get sick. It is a big sing for both of them ( though Martin will say he has

Tech week/days... we open on Thursday...

Tonight we move into the space. We will use tonight to get our set established and see how some of our ideas for set will work in the space. I hope people realize what a luxury it is to work in Walterdale when you get the stage for weeks and sometimes over a month before the show opens. You can clearly see what doesn't work and try new things and have more than 3 days to figure it out when it doesn't work. We will be doing some painting of the cubes in the space because the cold has made it impossible to paint in unheated garages. A summer show is easier in that respect. I painted the chair in my kitchen last night and I am quite liking what it looks like. I might go get more gold enamel or else I will be frugal with it. I am without children until 3:20 today so I have a bit of time. I am foregoing the pedicure until another day. A nap might be more useful for this week and I am not the one who have to bare my toes in the show. I whipped up some fliers to copy and tak

Just a few things...

1. Wonderful to hear the band with the voices on Sunday. Cathy and Jamie sound so good and when you add violins, and guitar, and the coolness that a bass just is, it all gets better. Somewhat sad I had to leave before they made it through the whole show, but I will hear it again (and again, and again). The Last Five Years, People! March 12-14th! Be there! 2. Good meeting tonight with the directors of the Reading for he Footlights Festival. We have a plan for casting both shows that should be fair and manageable. A bit of a challenge to sort it all out from names and numbers and some resumes, but we do have a plan. Both the ladies are sharp and keen and enthusiastic and working for the good of the script. That's what I like to hear! I feel good about this. 3. Spent a lot of time working for Revenue Canada today and I am glad that is done for another year. When you only do the monumental task once a year it is always a steep learning curve come February! 4. Great fun at t