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Merry Christmas Everyone

This has been a nice Christmas so far. Some sporadic eruptions of fighting between the boys, but not too many and a lot of laughing in between (especially when I do the crazy Mom saying Merry Christmas! It has become the new holiday shtick and I plan to keep it for years to come). Today I tried to take photos of the boys and I think I have 2 good shots out of about 30. Plenty of "goofy" ones. Played Scrabble with Mark last night - he won, but only just barely. Baked cookies with Gibson this morning. Did all my Christmas shopping in about 5-6 hours. Not bad at all! Anyhow, Merry Christmas!

This Past Weekend Was Crazy Busy...

So I expect Christmas to be the opposite. I had many things on the go this weekend and I think I managed to get them all done in a satisfactory way. The weekend followed a very busy week wherein I was at the boy's school for Child Check, 2 field trips (one in-school, one out of school), and 2 Christmas Concerts. The blizzard that hit on Wednesday prevented me from doing what I had planned to do in the daytime on Thursday, but alas, that is what happens. Annie (my sis) came to visit on the weekend and while we dealt with the constantly imprecise schedules of our siblings we managed to work out a pretty good visit. She played Wii with the boys a couple of afternoons/evenings and they were in heaven with that. She and I visited and caught the latest Narnia Movie, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (not the best book to film adaptation). Sunday I was at Walterdale for 2 rehearsals - Rabbit Hole in the afternoon and Threepenny in the evening. Around the rehearsals I squeezed in stud

Yay! Oh, Man, Am I Crazy?

Well, I did something nuts... but after watching The Threepenny Opera auditions and being around the team and and seeing the great people that were coming out, I decided to audition. I had auditioned for another show earlier this Fall that would have been even worse schedule-wise and found that process a wee bit disappointing. I will admit, my ego was a little bruised by the way the auditions and casting played out. I could have been in that show, but something felt off so I declined what I was offered. This result was so much more enjoyable. Yes, partly because I got the part I wanted, but I think I would have been okay even if I hadn't, because the process was so much more transparent and fun. I left the audition and callback feeling like I was seen and given the chance to show what I can do. The atmosphere was fun and the people seemed so great. Anyhow, I am pleased to announce that I will be playing the role of Mrs. Peachum in The Threepenny Opera at Walterdale in April o

Mia Mouth! Ow!

Well, I am trying to get back on track health wise and one of the things I am doing is getting to the Dentist after a long hiatus (longer than it should have been). I also have to get in to my doctor for a physical, but that'll be another story. So today I got a check-up and the first half of a cleaning. I have to go back for the other half on Friday. I will also have to get my Wisdom Tooth extracted, a crown on a tooth I chipped 3 months ago and probably another crown and 2 old, old fillings replaced before they fall out. Lots and lots of fun! Of course I am doing this on my University Health Plan so it's all reimbursement and I only get a small percentage back. Sigh. So much for free health care. Well, it is better I deal with it before it gets worse. I just wish I had gotten the wisdom tooth out years ago when I kept asking about it. The Dentist at the time kept saying it wasn't urgent, but back then I was on a better plan... it probably would have cost me less. Well,

It always comes at precisely the wrong times...

This was a not-so-good weekend. Don't get me wrong, I got a lot accomplished, but I am now very tired and I had to deal with a lot of unanticipated stuff so I am not in a great frame of mind. It started off well. Much Ado About Nothing opened and I thought it was lovely. I had saved the Second Act for Opening Night (I saw the First Act twice before then - but I wanted a surprise) and I was quite happy with the show as a whole. This was amplified by a fabulous review on the SEE Magazine Blog and pretty good attendance for the first weekend. However, there were issues arising with the production and no one was fixing them so I was called in to help. An already busy weekend because much busier. I was set to work Box Office on Friday Night and then scurry off to work the Walterdale Casino right after my shift, but in order to help with the problems on the show I went in early. There were also a flurry of desperate emails and frantic phone calls. It was stressful. Saturday th