Fringe Preview: Shows that have caught my eye...

So, I haven't gotten my Fringe Program yet, however, I did take a quick pass through the website to check things out as I want to program a wonderful Fringe for myself. In the absence of doing a show myself, this is the most excellent consolation prize!

After this first pass - here's what I am finding intriguing!

The Description: Hannah Morgan is the youngest of six. Hannah Morgan is an only child. Hannah Morgan has a happy family. Hannah Morgan is orphaned, ignored, alone. Hannah Morgan pursues and is pursued by a small toy dog. A play about possible existences, simultaneous identities, and who becomes the real Hannah Morgan. [ Interloper Theatre ]
Why I want to see it: Um... Cat Walsh wrote it. Cat Walsh. I love her writing - always unexpected and intriguing. Also, Cat Walsh and Lora Brovold are in it. So... I plan to be there!
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The Description: Wise-cracking Golden Gal Sofie Palermo has gone to the great beyond...or so she thinks. Join Sofie's trip down memory lane with daughter Doralee (a square), best friends Brooke (a sexpot) and Rowe (a nitwit). Does Sofie learn a lesson? Maybe; maybe not. Either way, this 83-year-old is wickedly funny!
Why I want to see it: Well, I like a good comedy and I was always a Golden Girls fan. Also, Nicole English as Sophie promises to be a sure bet. It's also a new work, and I love checking out new Edmonton playwrights!
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The Description: From the 20-time award-wining company that brought you Beau & Aero and Bella Culpa. (Edmonton Best-of-Fest 2015 & 2016) Two sisters of faith struggling to find the light... and stay in it. An absurd comedy about the lives and habits of Sisters Florence and Margarine, and the temptations they face. [ A Little Bit Off ]
Why I want to see it: Well, it's from the people who did Beau and Arrow, and I missed that and always regretted it because everyone I know who saw it said it was really, really good. So I don't want to miss out this time around... Also, I was raised Catholic so I think I'll find connection in the humour...
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The Description: Right under our noses lies a polygamous settlement of Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints; inspired by true events, a young woman is taken in by this 'bountiful' community and soon learns of its questionable past. As time unravels, she's forced to make a life-altering decision. Will she Keep Sweet?
Why I want to see it: Well, I saw Unsyncables two years ago and Riverdale last year and I think that Rebecca Merkley is a very funny playwright. Also, I read Under the Banner of Heaven a few years ago and I find the topic intriguing.
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The Description: There is a new spin studio in town! Welcome to Cult Cycle where you will burn fat and arise a new you from the ashes. This original musical gives a new meaning to the statement "That spin class was torture". Be prepared to "Get FIT or DIE trying!"
Why I want to see it: Well, this might be the only way you get me to a spin class... ha ha ha... It's a great cast from a company with a proven track record for presenting quality shows (Straight Edge) and I am excited about new work and especially new musicals!
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The Description: From the award-winning duo behind Flora & Fawna's Field Trip and Puckbunnies. 1962. On the eve of Susan's wedding, a final fitting at Lady Laura Lee's Bridal Belle Boutique tightens bonds, reveals secrets and stretches loyalties - to the breaking point. A woman's duty clashes with the modern sexual revolution.
Why I want to see it: Well, I have never been disappointed by Trevor Schmidt and Darrin Hagen's collaboration. I'm a die-hard Flora and Fawna fan (and I have the selfies to prove it!), and I love how they bring a real humanity to their work. It's always hysterical, but also touching.
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Well, this was the first pass... There's a lot to filter through. I'll be adding to my list as we get closer to Fringe!

 Tickets go on sale August 8th!


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