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Feeling Better...

I am down a total of 24 lbs on the WW scale. I know, I know, I was down 25 before but that was before the summer and we are now back on track. I am down 30 on the home scale and occasionally I drop down to 32 lbs lost on a good morning. The good thing is that the weigh-ins are back to moving in the right direction. This week I pledge to get back to the YMCA for workouts. Feeling sick all last week kind of derailed me. I will also get on the treadmill. My goal is at least 3 workouts between now and Friday. I am away on the weekend so I will have to figure out something else for that.


This Saturday I had a wonderful time celebrating turning 40! Special thanks go out to the Annemarie and Anne Marie who helped with the pre-party warm-up and a variety of other prep activities. Also, props to Mark for his karaoke skills and the flowers and all that. It was great. It was so much fun to see those who came out and sing, and dance and eat together. I wish that I had stepped in a little earlier so that the invites would've gotten out in time for some people to "save the date" but as it was I was not disappointed. I had a nice mix of "long time Fort McMurray friends" and "new Edmonton Friends" and of course, since I know so many musical theatre folks there was a lot of good singing and lots of people willing to take risks just to have fun!

Another Week...

I had a relatively busy week. I have done some work on Crimes of the Heart. I met with my Assistant Director and more audition requests have trickled in. I hope I don't have too many "drop ins" because most of the early slots have 5 people in them already and it screws with your time to accommodate an extra person. That's not fair to those who did it the right way. Challenges for Oliver in school again. All three incidents have been with the same boy. From the descriptions of the events I think the other kid verbally instigates the fight and then because Oliver has trouble managing his anger he hits when he can't solve it with words. Oliver is quite honest in his re-telling and he doesn't come out looking like an angel so I have a little bit of faith in this. The problem is, because Oliver hits first he gets the more severe punishment. It doesn't seem like anything is being done with the other kid and I can't really ask because I should just wo

Milestones and Millstones

Today I am forty. I like it. I have been thinking about this birthday for most of the year and since I've had slightly over 9 months to think it has more weight than any of the birthdays I have had in recent years. I think it is exciting for me to be 40 because I don't look 40 (I don't think everyone is lying) and because I can say that I have done significant things in my life so that I feel this "milestone" has merit beyond just the counting of days and years. Over the years I have set goals for myself and reached them, or not, but I still reached for them. Things like having children (a challenging goal for me to achieve), getting lead roles on stage (so much fun and therapy all rolled up together), writing a play and having it produced (butterflies!), and many other things are the accomplishments I cherish. My major goal this year was about weight loss. On January 1, 2007 I weighed myself and made a goal. My vow was to lose 40 lbs by my birthday (today)

The Big 4-0

In less than a week I will be 40. I am not weirded out by the milestone but I do want it to be celebrated. I want a party. Not necessarily a blow-out drunken bash. That would be strange for me. But I want to celebrate and I don't want some half-ass thing. I heard there's an 80s Retro club called Vinyl downtown. Maybe they have a private room where we could have finger foods and stuff like that? Maybe a private room in a fancy-schmancy restaurant and all my friends could come? I don't know. I can tell you it won't be on the date since that's Thanksgiving weekend, but something MUST happen. I will plan it myself if I must! Stay Tuned...

As I prepare for the next thing...

I have added a Blog for Crimes of the Heart . I want to keep everything in it's place. It should be interesting to look back afterwards.