FRINGE PREVIEW: Some of my Fringe Favourites onstage this year...

Fringe for many of us is always a challenge because there are so many thngs to see and since Edmonton is blessed with such a fabulous theatre community, it also becomes a chance to see our favourites... The trouble is I have so many!!!

Here are a few:


The Description: The Most Pathetic Guy Ever kidnaps the Funniest Man Alive to make the Saddest Girl in the World laugh.
Who are my favourites: Ever since I saw Merran Carr-Wiggin and Evan Hall in Gruesome Playground Injuries a few Fringes ago they moved to my Fringe Favourites list! They have wonderful chemistry together and I can't want to see what this show is all about!
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The Description: A local news team bravely stands in front of an unfolding catastrophe prepared to bring unflinching coverage. But as the night wears on and answers can't be found... they flinch. From the Sterling Award-winning company behind "Never Swim Alone" (*****) and held-over hit, "Legoland."
Who is my favourite: I have never been disappointed by Blarney Productions Fringe shows. This one also features the delightful Luc Tellier and Cody Porter (who always makes me laugh - even when not onstage).
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The Description: Teatro returns to the Fringe with a Lemoine premiere, his first all-new full length offering at the Festival since The Euphorians in 2014. Starring Rachel Bowron, Patricia Cerra, Mathew Hulshof, and Jenny McKillop- all abundantly well-equipped to flourish in this sizzling demonstration of mind over matter and vivacity over adversity.
Who's my favourite: Always fun to see the new Lemoine! And Bowron, Hulshof and McKillop are among those I love to see in a crisp comedy!
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The Description: Catherine Ballangagger's life was a perfect Summer day; until her father was killed in a horrible car accident! Now she is forced to share a basement room with her brother Christopher, under the watchful eye of their cruel grandmother! A parody of "Flowers in the Attic" by V.C. Andrews. Warnings: Religious Content, Sexual Content, Adult Language, Cartoonish Violence
Who is my favourite: I'm a big fan of Lilith Fair/Zachary Parsons-Lozinski ever since I first saw him at a Fringe long, long ago! Expect this to be wildly inappropriate.
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The Description: The Professor and her Lab Assistants need YOU for their research. An absurd investigation of instant gratification and celebration of the scientific method. From the one of the minds behind Toy Guns Dance Theatre *****, Ask Aggie****, and official hold-over, Fools for Love *****. For Truth! For Glory! FOR SCIENCE!
Who is my favourite: How can you not love Christine Lesiak - smart and funny!? Plus it's science-related - I love science!
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The Description: The Dead walk! Society has crumbled and ravenous corpses rule... Can a ragtag band of survivors make their way in an undead world? Mark Meer bites into a script co-written by Fringe festival favourite T.J. Dawe. A one-man parody of the zombie TV series spawned by the zombie comic book.
Who is my favourite: Those who know me, know of my love for The Walking Dead, but this also has the man of a million voices, Mark Meer! Sounds like a zombie-riffic show!
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Stay posted for more! So many to choose from!


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