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Theatre to start off 2019...

It doesn't really ever quiet down in the #yegtheatre scene. It's a great thing for those of us who love to see a lot of varied shows!  Here's what is onstage in Edmonton in January of 2019 aka " Time to fill in the brand new Calendar "! Malachite Theatre presents Macbeth - January 4-19 at the Holy Trinity Anglican Church. Last year they served up Twelfth Night and created a cozy atmosphere in the church. This year it's a little darker, so I am really wondering what the decor will be as it stays up throughout most of January! Click here for more details or to purchase tickets. Sweat at the Citadel Theatre - January 12 - February 3 in the Shoctor Theatre. It was part of my former job at the Citadel to read all the scripts in advance of the new season. When I read this one, I cried. It's raw and very honest and will break your heart when you least suspect it. In the current economic climate of Alberta, with many laid off and struggling to find wo

Starting the New Year with a Little Magic! The Illusionists with Broadway Across Canada!

How to kick off 2019 in a big way? Attend the Broadway Across Canada production of The Illusionists on New Year's Day like I did! Well, it's here until January 6th, so you can still start the year off in a really magical way! I took Gibson as he has always been intrigued by magic (we often watch Penn & Teller's Fool Us ) and there were so many times during the show where we would turn to each other and say "HOW?!?!?". There are five illuisonists and the show moves briskly from one outstanding trick to the next. two of the performers, Colin Cloud (The Mentalist) and Andrew Trent (The Futurist), have a bit of the stand up comedian in them so there is also quite a bit of laughter. Trent was particularly fun with the close-up magic (it's all filmed and projected so you can see it very clearly) and Cloud's Sherlock Holmes mind-reading tricks blew my mind! Jonathan Goodwin (The Daredevil) was more of a physical extremes guy, escaping from a straight