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Life is Stressful

So Mark is in a cast from his surgery. We knew it was going to happen. We weren't happy about the timing, but what can you do, it takes so long to get in the orthopedic surgeon and then to actually book surgery, well, you know,... So here we are, new business (3 weeks old), and Mark in a cast. The hardest part is that in addition to all my regular "work", I have to go to the store to look after that, and I have to really help Mark out with meals and things, BUT THE HARDEST PART is that I can't complain about the mess. No venting. Because, what can he do? He's in a cast, a non-weight bearing cast. AND I have about 6-10 weeks more of it. That's through Christmas. And I have to deal with the boys at night. I put Ollie back in his own bed 2x last night and gave up when he came in again at 5:30 AM. It'd be fine if I saw an end in sight. But I don't. Me me me ME me me Me mE me mmmeee.