Fringe Preview: SOFIE'S WILD RIDE

Director Louise Mallory took the time to answer a few quick questions about her 2018 Fringe Show - Sofie's Wild Ride!

Describe your Fringe show in 10 words or less. The older women housemates of Golden Girls are back! 

Now the longer description... what else should people know about it? Sofie's Wild Ride has an original script by local Amanda LeBlanc, a huge fan of the old Golden Girls episodes, and is a delightful exploration of living with people you don't necessarily like but definitely care about.  There are a few male characters (all played by Brian Ault) but there are lots of conversations between women that aren't about a man (passes the Bechdel test).

What makes Sophie's Wild Ride a great choice for the Fringe? It's funny!  It's easy to connect with whether or not you remember the characters of the original TV show.  And we're in an air conditioned venue that serves drinks (Billiard Club, 10505 82 Avenue, upstairs/no elevator)

Okay, you're in rehearsal with an amazing group of people... 
    a. Who makes you laugh the most?  Nicole English and her eye-rolling physical embodiment of 83 year old Sofie.
    b. Who makes you groan?  Ana Fassmann and her random comments!
    c. Who is most likely to give you a massage?  We have a great cast full of supportive people, but I'd have to pick Rhonda Kozuska. 

The Description: Wise-cracking Golden Gal Sofie Palermo has gone to the great beyond...or so she thinks. Join Sofie's trip down memory lane with daughter Doralee (a square), best friends Brooke (a sexpot) and Rowe (a nitwit). Does Sofie learn a lesson? Maybe; maybe not. Either way, this 83-year-old is wickedly funny!
Warnings: Religious Content, Adult Language
Duration: 45 minutes

Click here for tickets.


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