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And Life Returns to Normal?

Guess we'd have to know what "normal" is for that to happen.... But Sense and Sensibility is up and running and I have returned to just my regular job and I have even finally had a couple of days off, so I am feeling a little more rested. The intensity of the 10 weeks was such that it will take me a little while to completely reflect on what I have learned and what I will do with it. As to Sense and Sensibility , here are a few reviews to help you decide if you will be checking it out. REVIEW from Colin MacLean, Gig City REVIEW from Liz Nicholls, 12th Night REVIEW from Liane Faulder, Edmonton Journal REVIEW from Mel Priestley REVIEW from Jenna Marynowski, After the House Lights I was very happy with the show onstage and have now seen it 6 times and will see it another time before it closes. It is the last week, so act fast! Now that the show is up and running, I have been working hard to catch up with my theatre viewing. I saw the delightful Irma Voth