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Found Festival - Exploring Theatre in New Locations!

Coming up soon in Edmonton is the second annual Found Festival presented by Common Ground Arts. WHAT IS THE FOUND FESTIVAL?  A site-specific multidisciplinary arts festival that takes place in Edmonton’s Old Strathcona neighbourhood. It’s a living, breathing showcase of dance, theatre, visual art, music, creative writing and more all in unexpected places. Their aim is to produce an event that is affordable, accessible, interactive, and empowering, encouraging artists to contribute to the cultural landscape of the city. Past venues have included a funeral home, residential garage, and a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan. They've had live music played off rooftops, movies projected onto buildings, and a play performed— in the middle of June— on a giant pile of snow. Some pieces are designed for as few as 5 people at a time, with others accommodating as many as 200. This year:  2014 Festival Schedule Thursday, June 26 7:30 pm – 1:00 am Friday, June 27 3:00 pm – 1:00 am Saturda

A Couple of Shows... Feels like a while since I've seen anything!

This past weekend I took in two fun shows after what feels like forever... I think that's because I have been in rehearsal and busy getting other things done, but also the theatre season slows down a bit in Edmonton in June because seasons wind down and a lot of theatre artists start getting ready for Fringe. There are a few festivals on their way between now and Fringe though, so there are a few things to see! Friday night, I took in the Opening Night of Teatro La Quindicina's Lucy and Mr. Plate.   It's a sequel to a 2001 production called Citizen Plate (which I did not see as I was living elsewhere at the time).  Ned Plate is played by Jeff Haslam and is delightful.  He's a bit tell it like it is, with a plainspokenness that is both charming and small-town Alberta (Mundare - the town of origin).  While on holiday in Hawaii, Ned meets Lucy (played by Jana O'Connor), a free spirit from his youth in Mundare.  As her relationships tumble and turn, Ned steps in as

SUMMER READING! #yegbookclub

On May 26th we had a lively chat on twitter with author Thomas Trofmiuk about Waiting for Columbu s .  It was wonderful to be able to ask questions about the characters and their possible paths and has the author answer them.  It was very clear that they all continued to live outside the book.  We begged for a Consuela sequel as she was a favorite of many of us readers. It was also great to learnt hat there is a Waiting for Columbus movie in the works.  When I read the book I was struck by how cinematic it was and, like The English Patient , I thought it would lend itself to film. Following the discussion I indicated that there would be some Summer Reading Choice(s) for the next #yegbookclub.  I don't know about you, but I am always hard to pin down for the summer.  With holidays and day camps for the kids and, for this year, directing two Fringe Shows I thought we could have 2 selections to read over the summer and then in September we could take two evenings to chat about th

Jazz and Babies! The Jazz Mother at Teatro La Quindicina

I had a fun time this past Thursday at the Varscona for Opening Night of The Jazz Mother presented by Teatro La Quindicina. We were greeted in the lobby by a server with champagne flutes and what followed was a laughter-filled evening.  My date, @stuporstar, was the perfect choice.  She confessed to me that the first play she had ever seen was a Teatro Show ( Fall Down Go Boom! A Skater's Tragedy in 1996) and she was so excited to be there.  She has also requested  a remount of said show as it was the beginning of a love-affair with theatre for her. After seeing The Jazz Mother , I can see how Teatro is the perfect first introduction to theatre.  It's witty, clever, and quirky with just the right amount of ridiculous. Each of the three actors (Jocelyn Ahlf, Mat Busby, and Kristi Hansen) bring charm, excellent comic-timing, and likability to the stage.  Busby is endearing as the owner of the boarding house, hopelessly in love with his tenant Enid. Hansen, as the nurse Enid,

Inspector General and Wonderful Town - Two very different productions!

This week I took in the 2 Citadel Young Company productions. On Tuesday, I went to the Dress Rehearsal of The Inspector Genera l .   The Inspector General is an adaptation by Michael Chemers of the Nikolai Gogol play.  It was directed by Dave Horak and featured the 13 members of the 2013/14 Young Acting Company.  It was so much irreverent fun.  Set in the fictional town of Edmoronto it was chock full of topical references to Canadian political corruption. It tells the tale of an incredibly corrupt town run by idiots and crooks, who hear that an Inspector is coming to check them out.  They mistakenly identify a visitor as the Inspector and much bribery, flirtation, and other deals ensue to try to secure his good report.  The cast embraced the ridiculous and played this full-tilt.  Eric Smith, as the Rod-Ford-like Mayor, seemed born to play his role.  I was also very impressed with Niko Ouellette as the mistaken-for Inspector General.  Ouellette has an incredible charisma that I can see