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Edmonton Artists - Tell me about your Fringe show!

This year, due to some family commitments at the end of August, I am not doing a Fringe show. That feels weird for me... so, I am inviting Edmonton and area theatre artists to share with me information about their fringe shows and I'll in turn tell other people about your shows here on Finster Finds! The added benefit of my not doing a fringe show is that I will also get to see more, so let me know what you are doing! To send me the details about your show - email me at with FRINGE 2018 - FINSTER FINDS in the subject line! I look forward to hearing all about it! To find out about how I fringe, check out this profile from After the House Lights ... There are other profiles, as well, from local artists which can give you some great ideas about how to have a wonderful fringe experience!  

Teatro la Quindicina presents one of my FAVOURITES! The Importance of Being Earnest!

When I first started teaching high school drama years and years ago I knew that one of the first plays I would do with the kids would be Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest . It had long been one of my favourite plays and it was one that made me laugh aloud many times when I read it. I also had a great group of students who were up to the challenge and style of Oscar Wilde. I had so many that I double-cast the show. That was about 18-19 years ago but it still lives in my memory as one of my favourite theatre adventures. So... when Teatro la Quindicino announced they were presenting The Importance of Being Earnest I was ever so excited! The show did not disappoint. It is wonderfully cast, with great chemistry between the four lovers. There are moments of magic between Jack (Mark Meer) and Algernon (Ron Pederson) and between Cecily (Shannon Blanchet) and Gwendolyn (Louise Lambert), and when they are in their various configurations. Miss Prism (Cathy Derkach) and Rev. C

Next to Normal at Walterdale Theatre - Opening Night!

Last night we opened the final show of Walterdale Theatre's 59th Season, Next to Normal , directed by Artistic Director Bethany Hughes. It's a great show to close out this season and I was incredibly moved by the performances. Walterdale's intimacy gave the show something more than I have experienced seeing it previously in a much larger theatre and abstracted set allowed me to see it again with new eyes. With only a cast of 6, the show itself is a huge sing and everyone onstage held their own. It's emotional and funny and powerful. The cast is terrific - Monica Roberts, Mike Harding, Mark Sinongco, Fiona Cain, Damon Pitcher, and Trevor J. Worden. They work together well and there are no weak links. Vocally they are all very strong and handle the rock score beautifully. They also tell this story of mental illness with respect and intelligence. If you are one to tear up, I recommend bringing tissues as several people were in need of those on Opening Night! Next t

The Epic Appeal of Les Miserables (Broadway Across Canada)!

One thing that I am really enjoying lately is being able to share my love of musical theatre with my 13 year old son. I am thankful to Hamilton and the many years of piano lessons we’ve invested in, as I think the combination has really been the catalyst for his appreciation. This week I was able to share my all-time favourite musical, Les Miserables, with him and it was a wonderful night out! This week, we saw Les Mis as part of the Broadway Across Canada tour at the Northern Jubilee Auditorium. It’s a wonderful production using projections and trucks to create a myriad of locations. The lighting, if occasionally dimmer than I would like, is striking. The stage pictures - from the prison ship, to the Thenardier’s Inn, to the barricade, to the sewers - are stunning and atmospheric.                  But it’s Les Mis, isn’t it, so it’s really all about Jean Valjean’s journey and the music. From those first few iconic chords I was in the world. Nick Cartell as Valjean has