A Week of Edmonton Theatre - Three Terrific New Works! Anahita's Republic (Autash), Subscribe and Like (WWPT) and Listen, Listen (Teatro Live!)

I've just come home from seeing the third of three new works on Edmonton stages this week! There's nothing my theatre heart loves more than new Canadian works and all three were also written by Albertan playwrights, so that's even better! There was also a great deal of variety in the pieces so it was a but of a rollercoaster of theatrical offerings! Anahita's Republic by Hengameh E. Rice (Autash Productions) Now running at the Backstage Theatre (Fringe Theatre Adventures), Anahita's Republic is a play I have been long invested in. It's set in Iran, in a compound where the strong willed and sharply intelligent Anahita (Roya Yazdanmehr) is able to live her life the way she wants to. She's safe to reject the hijab and run the family business, using her brother Cyrus (Yassine El Fassi El Fihri) as her public face. All the while she works to challenge the regime and gain freedoms for women. The play shines a light on a part of the world we may speculate about b

Prison Dancer at the Citadel - Always cool to see new works at a Regional Theatre

  Photo Credit: Nanc Price This week I caught Prison Dancer at the Citadel Theatre. It's a new work with Music and Lyrics by Romeo Candido, Book by Romeo Candido and Carmen De Jesus and Directed by Nina Lee Aquino. The Citadel was planning on doing this a couple of years ago but it was delayed by the shut-downs. Now it's up on their Shoctor stage and literally getting the audience up and dancing! I admit, when I first heard of the show I thought it was going to be in the smaller Rice Theatre, like other niche musicals have played ( Gay Heritage Project, Craigslist Cantata, Bittergirl ) so I was surprised to see it was on the much larger Shoctor. With the set and big dance numbers it made sense when I saw it.  It's a fun show in many ways, but seeks gravitas with the fact that prison life (particularly in the Philippines) is not easy. It is fun, because the prisoners have to find a way to find joy in their otherwise bleak and sometimes violent lives. It is fun, as well, beca

Word of Mouth Tuesday and Wednesday! Fringe 2022

My apologies for the lateness on this one… I’ve been Fringing hard and needed to breathe! It’s been a glorious Fringe though! Lots of new titles on this list. Trust the recommendation of the random strangers I met in line ups and go catch a show! Crack in the Mirror Butcher Mark of the Minotaur History of the World in 7 Days Drag Me to the Opera God is a Scottish Drag Queen Charade Lemon Fags in Space Crisp Trepidation  Re: Construct Salsa Lesson Chase Padgett For Science!  Josie and Grace Juliet: A Revenge Comedy Mules Robert will Show You the Door Blueberries are Assholes Ladies of Jazz

I've seen 17 Shows so far... And we aren't even Halfway done! Woot!

So, I have seen 17 shows so far, I have at least 11 more to see and I might increase that if I have the stamina! Here's just a few quick reactions to some of the shows that I've seen so far: Jesus Teaches Us Things - Hilarious! This is the most fun you will ever have at a Sunday School class taught by none-other-than Jesus! We may have strayed from the official curriculum a bit, but boy was it fun! Lots of great songs, audience participation (low risk and totally up to you), jokes that are hilarious but not hateful! Can't go wrong with that!  The Big Sad - A really well crafted children's show for the wee ones ( I'm thinking 4-8 years - 3 if your child is particularly verbal ). It's about grief, but actually a lot of fun. The company also does brilliant work teaching the audience how to interact with the participation elements before the 'show' starts so that everyone can have a good time and participate appropriately if they feel comfortable.  Hunchbac

Word of Mouth - Monday, August 15 - Fringe 2022

We're starting to get a few repeats! That's awesome! If you still aren't sure what to see at the Fringe this year, this list was curated by asking random strangers ( and some folks that although they might be a bit strange, I would actually call them friends ) who I met in line-ups and asking them what they've seen that I should go check out!  Juliet: a Revenge comedy The Flying Detective  The Ladies of Jazz The Dreamer's Cantata Ten (The Show) Dirk Darrow: Magic of Future Past Blueberries are Assholes SqueezeBox Cabaret: Divas Disney Delusion Suor Angelica Josie and Grace Conjoined Marv and Berry A Life, with Surprises (and Songs) Iago vs Hamlet Horseface Underbelly Crack in the Mirror Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls Chase Padgett: Lucky Break Salsa Lesson Generic Male: Just What We Need Another Show About Men As always, if you have other recommendations, please feel free to add them to the comments! I'm working my way through a few of these and hope you can find some c

Word of Mouth - Sunday, August 14 2022 - Destination Fringe!

Another Fringe Day, another list of shows that were recommended to me by people I chatted with in lines! I talked to a wide demographic today, from 14 years to 60+ years, first time fringers and long-time fringers, and I think that's reflected in the recommendations I received!  Remember, if you have a Word of Mouth recommendation (shows you have seen that you really liked!) pop it in the comments! Chase Padgett: Lucky Break The Walk in the Snow: The True Story of Lise Meitner For Science Ally Anne Shot in the Dark Hacking and Slashing Butcher Juliet: A Revenge Comedy The Flying Detective Eleanor's Story: An American Girl In Hitler's Germany Jesus Teaches Us Things Ride the Cyclone Thundercats Drag Me to the Opera Epidermis Circus I'm off to see three more shows today! If you want tickets to any of the above, you can purchase them HERE. Some of these are selling out and selling fast so don't delay (for example, a friend was going to join me for Ride the Cyclone la

Word of Mouth - Saturday, August 13th! Happy Fringing!

Here's the low-down on my Word of Mouth recommendations from Saturday, August 13th! I was running around quite a bit so I didn't get to have as many line-up chats as I would have liked. Please feel feel to put your Word of Mouth recommendations in the comments!  Josie and Grace Queer Music History: A Concert Blueberries are Assholes Suor Angelica Jesus Teaches Us Things  For Science Six Chick Flicks or a Legally Blonde Pretty Woman Dirty Danced on the Beaches while writing a Notebook on the Titanic Epidermis Circus Reyna: The Story of a Zapoteca Queen Are you lovin' it? Drag Me to the Opera Crack in the Mirror Happy as Larry Plays by Bots You can get all your Fringe tickets here: LINK And a note: You will get electronic tickets if you can't make it to a ticket booth for a physical ticket! That's nice when you are going to something at a BYOV!