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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three, no wait, Two More Shows!

There was a stalled vehicle on the high level bridge.  That stalled vehicle made me and Oliver very unhappy. That stalled vehicle made my journey a good 35-45 minutes longer than it should have been and as a result, despite trying our hardest, we were 2 MINUTES LATE for The Kidprovisors.  I was really looking forward to it, especially because Oliver was.  I had to minimize his resultant grumpiness by plying him with mini-donuts and ice cream.  Then he weaseled a t-shirt and a mine craft pin out of me. I have heard that the RFT early show is a little more family friendly so I might try to take the boys (or at least Oliver) a few times in the year.  I want to cultivate his appreciation for it!

Anyhow, after I did the Kid-Exchange with Mark, I headed off to my second (now first) show of the evening, Cayce Grey in FAMILY SQUABBLES.  I was so funny.  What a clever script where the fourth wall is shattered to great effect.  Lots of topical humour, some fabulous interpretive dance, fart-balls, and it's literally all that AND a bag of chips!  Great fun!

The evening was clearly looking up!

And it finished with a BANG!  I headed off to catch Trout Stanley at the Telephone Museum.  I had heard this was a very hysterical script and I was not disappointed.  It has a Fringe-Aesthetic in that it's odd, but oh-so-funny.  Played perfectly by the cast of three with sharp direction it rises above the typical fringe fare, yet seem so perfect for this kind of festival.  Let's just say there is nothing predictable about it and that's a very good thing.

Sorry, no Word of Mouth today.  I talked to a few strangers in the theatres and line-ups, but few had seen much.  I will endeavour to seek out more suggestions tomorrow night so that you can end your Fringe with some good stuff!

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