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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Friday Fringe Two-Pack!

Last night I started the final weekend of the Fringe with another two solid shows.  The festival is winding down so if you haven't bought your tickets yet and the show you want to see is not on the holdovers list here or here, then you need to get on it! My weekend is planned, with another 4 shows today and 4 tomorrow.

Last night I began the evening with Tuesdays With Morrie produced at the Walterdale Playhouse by Leo Llama Productions. It was a loving and sincere production that got me a little choked up at all the right places (and from the sniffling in the audience, I was not alone).  Well performed and well directed it fit nicely onto the Walterdale Stage. I was so glad to get tickets as it sold out quickly, but fortunately a friend of a friend had two extra tickets to sell - Whew!

We had a little supper to fill our 2 hour break and then we were off to see Truck Theatre's Or, at OSPAC.  It started a little on the wordy side, but luckily the three actors were very strong and could handle the dialogue. It's a sexy little piece about Aphra Behn (played by Kristy Hansen), former spy and one of the first women playwrights in the world of Charles II. It was a show that was best when Garrett Ross' and Clarice Eckford's multitudes of characters went in and out seamlessly with us never knowing who was going to come in the room next.  It was a fun, sexy romp which touched on the sexual politics of the day in love, life and work.

At this point I am patting myself on the back for picking good stuff... so far no duds!

I do have some Fringe pet-peeves to vent.  Please people, leave your dogs at home.  It's too crazy at the Fringe Site for dogs and I have seen some huge ones and ones that have not been very well controlled (one was literally dragging it's owner all over the place - definitely not ready for a crowded fringe site), but beyond that, even if you are sure your dog is 'fine', some people are not comfortable around dogs they do not know and this is not a place you expect to see them  At the very least, be attentive to how people are reacting to your dog and not make them have to make the huge path around you.  It's my pet peeve, but I thought that was the official fringe rule for the site so I was quite shocked to encounter 7 dogs in less than 10 minutes on Thursday night.

Here is the official Fringe "Policy" (from their website):


Only service animals are allowed in theatres and welcome on site. We strongly recommend that all other pets stay at home.
  • The Fringe site can be quite crowded and chaotic which is dangerous for both pets and patrons.
  • Weather on site can be unpredictable and extreme which is dangerous for animals.
  • There are no on-site provisions for water for animals.
  • Pet disposition may vary and some adults and children are afraid of animals. We want the site to be a fun and safe place for everyone!
  • The site features food preparation and animals pose a potential public health risk.
  • Animals are not permitted in theatres, Beer Tents or the Wine & Spirits Tent. Leave your pet at home so you can enjoy the Festival to its fullest!
Second Pet-Peeve: Babies in audiences.  Okay, I don't have a problem with a baby actively enjoying a show, but if you bring your baby or small child to a non-kid show, hmmmm... let's say Tuesdays With Morrie, for example.  The first time he or she cries or fusses you need to take them out of the theatre and miss the rest of the show.  Or maybe the second time, or third. How about the fourth time? Not the sixth or seventh with ten minutes left in the play. That's all I am saying.  Every time that child cries you have taken the people in the audience out of the show.  You owe them all $15.00.  So just don't do it.

Third Pet Peeve: Smoking in the crowds watching the outdoor shows.  It's gross for the rest of us. Go somewhere else.  Sorry, I know it's an addiction, but you are ruining my experience and when I leave before the end of the outdoor performance because I can't handle your smoke then that performer doesn't get my money.  I hope you are putting in double in the hat to cover for that.

So that's my rant... Enjoy your fringe!


Unknown said...

amen to the pet peeves!!! I highly second them! So frustrating when people bring babies into a adult play or dogs onto fringe grounds when there are signs telling them not too. I also HATE second hand smoke and wish people would be more considerate.

Finster said...

I used to primarily go weekday afternoons, but with a day job this year, I am there at peak times. One the one hand it is glorious to see so many people, different people, out enjoying theatre and performance arts, on the other... All Those People - oy vey! I can escape most of what drive me crazy, inside, at a sho
w, where I am most happy!