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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Great Big Changes!

This week was a week of big changes for me.  Starting last Tuesday I have been at the Citadel Theatre/Robbins Academy as the new Marketing Administrator.  I was nervous and excited before starting, but feel quite good about it all after this first week. I have been a bit like a detective putting together the tasks involved and procedures, but everything I can see with the job so far seems to fit me very well and I am enjoying the work.  The people are also great and have been extremely friendly, welcoming and helpful.  I am at a high rate of asking questions so I am grateful for their patience.  Hopefully I shall have fewer and fewer questions as my time there goes on.

The biggest shift for me has really had to do with child care. Prior to this job I spent a great deal of my time on the computer actually doing a lot of the same kind of work - emailing, finding information, collating it, waiting for responses... But now, I have to worry about getting my kids places and picking them up on time. So far so good for the first week.  This next week will be more complicated because they are at two different camps, but the ease of the last week makes me optimistic about the upcoming school year.  I am already finding that certain tasks are being structured by the new work schedule and part of me is actually really enjoying that.  I think it is the same part of me that likes being busy.  If I am not busy I tend to waste a lot of time... now I can't do that so I feel far more productive!

Anyhow, I spent a little bit of time this weekend thinking about Fringe.  I will be on a tighter timetable because I won't be able to catch afternoon shows so I am aiming for about 10-15 shows (about half my normal). I think I can get 6 in between Thursday-Saturday.  I dive into the Play in a Day Saturday afternoon until Sunday evening and Monday will be spent at the Theatre Alberta Fundraising Event (stay posted) so the rest of the Fringe will have to wait.  Once I get my hands on a Paper Program I will let you know my sight unseen recommendations (stay posted)!

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