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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Little Neil Gaiman set to Music! Coraline: the Musical at the Fringe!

I saw my fourth show tonight at the Fringe.  I pick up speed later this week, but the start has been slow for me in terms of numbers of shows. It bothers me too that I haven't seen more, but I do have tickets purchased for 14 shows and room for more if I feel up to it!

When I heard there was a musical version of Neil Gaiman's Coraline and that someone was doing it at the Fringe I was intrigued.  When I saw the company that was doing it (Impossible Mongoose) and the cast list I was officially excited. I am glad to say it lived up to my expectations.  It's delightful!  They created a very full world and conceptually this is quite the experience.  Low Tech Magic pays off, and they capture the romantic creepiness that Gaiman's story requires.  If you can't make it darkly whimsical it won't work - but they do and it's terrific!  Well done!  It's not typical and familiarity with the story or Neil Gaiman's style is recommended, but not necessary.  They really sell it and they do it well. It's a tight ensemble so to single anyone out is silly as the all contribute to a very even production, but I will give credit to Corben Kushneryk's direction - it's spot-on!

Day 6 Word of Mouth
I also got a few more Word of Mouth recommendations today (some repeats, some new):

Tompongelo vs. the Sky Lobster
The Rambler
Jake's Gift
Countries Shaped Like Stars
God is a Scottish Drag Queen
Off Book: The Musical
Zombie Apocalypse: Dead or Alive
Trout Stanley
Grim and Fischer
Little Fish
Port Authority

I am happy that several of these are on my list!  I look forward to seeing them!

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