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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Woke Up With a Headache....

But at least I got to sleep in. I feel like I have been running steady for the last three days. Saturday, Sunday and Monday were jam packed days. Today it was nice to not have to get out of bed at 7 a.m. I do have a headache though, which sucks. I didn't have it lying down, it struck as I stood up - so does that mean I should return to the bed? Hmmmmm. I took my Tylenol and I am waiting for progress. I think it is cold induced, in that I clench my teeth a lot more when I am freezing and it has been bitterly cold. Like I am talking Fort McMurray cold... I thought I moved...

Well, I did well at the Oscars. I got 16 correct and the nearest to me was 13 so I won! Last year was the first time we did ballots. I was surprised and delighted with a lovely gift from the hostess. I also get to host next year... I have a year to figure that one out. I went with my gut on some of the choices and it seemed to work. The hostess also found Oscar BINGO online and that was fun. With the somewhat lackluster show, the BINGO picked things up!

Rehearsing for Threepenny is going well. I found last night extremely productive. On Sunday we did a stumble through and that gave a bit of scope to what need to be done. It also gave a nice overview of the show which we have worked in smaller chunks so far. Yesterday we worked through Act One. During my 'down time' Gerald and I worked on our scenes and I feel much, much better about my lines now. I find repetition of small chunks so valuable. And this is a tough script in some ways. Tonight we start choreography... Not sure what numbers - big group ones I hear. I think I may have some 'down time' and I will try to use it to my advantage.

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