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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Don't Know...

It's always hard to evaluate a theatrical experience when you go in with high expectations. The last few shows I went to I really, really, really wanted to be blown away, and although the shows were good, they did not blow me away. There were moments and elements of genius - I will give them that, but I never really believed, and the genius wasn't consistent through the whole show. I'm not naming names, because they were good shows, and maybe it is just me (I know people who saw the same show and were thrilled), or the space, or being tired, or constantly being in evaluative mode instead of experience mode, or having too high of expectations, or wanting it all to be as good as the best moments... I just feel bad when immediately after the show and when someone I know really, really liked it asks me what I thought and I literally cannot really remember anything other than what it looked like. Like we are talking within a half hour of seeing the show. I might as well just look at the pictures. I will keep trying. You cannot keep me out of the theatre. I think next time I need to have a couple of drinks beforehand to let down my personal wall to the whole experience. Maybe that would help?

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M said...

Drinks before theatre makes every show better: good ones are improved and bad ones are less awful!