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Monday, March 21, 2011

Crazy Days Make Me Want to Quit...

Yesterday was a roller coaster ride. So much up and down stuff that it is almost strange to think about it because it feels like a week was packed into the one day. The day started okay, got crappy, got wonderful again, then a rehash of the earlier crap, then pretty good, then grumpy, then some good news, then an out of left field thing that made me go WTF? I wish I could give details, but I can't... so sorry. I can about some of the good stuff. The wonderfulness was the rehearsals for Threepenny. It all of a sudden felt like a show yesterday. Which is weird, because we were missing some key players, but with the people who were away I KNOW they are solid and I could envision them during the run. But for me, it came together. I hope the Director is as happy. We still have a little ways to go, but we have 2 weeks until an audience. It was a nice comfort zone.

Anyhow, days like yesterday some times make me want to say 'to heck with it!' but wise advise from friends prevailed. I cannot live without it and really most of the issues were not really the theatre (although there was plenty of drama). I have taken my deep breaths. Hope I can sleep better tonight. Last night my brain buzzed until 4 in the morning with all the crap from the day.

Interesting talk with my seat buddies in Drama class today. I asked what their favorite shows (best for them - taking into consideration what they personally like and want to see) over the last 2 years were. One said Eurydice and the other sadi The Drowsy Chaperone. I would put both in my top 10, but they were very different. What was your favorite show that you saw over the last two years and why? I am curious what individual people like (as opposed to the masses).

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Justen said...

Eurydice? Yay! That makes me happy!

Sorry to hear about the roughness of your day. I'm glad you're able to get through it!

Maybe it's because I've only just seen it, but The Lion King was spectacular.