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Friday, March 04, 2011

Teacher's Convention... Not so Bad this year...

I wasn't really looking forward to having the 2 of them home all day together, but they were fabulous this year. With the cold being what it was, there would be no outlet in sending them outside to work it out in physical activity. However, other than one of two small altercations over the two days they were great little guys. They took turns, they joked, they played together and apart. Yes, Gibson made several messes on my table involving cutting paper and drawing things and yes, Oliver played a lot of DS, but they also read, played the Wii, played with toys, etc... and they got along for the most part. That was nice.

I also got some work done. Mostly online via email and such, but I also went to class and worked on some playwriting stuff and rehearsed. A production couple of days for me.

Tomorrow night I am going to a show at the U of A - Death and the Maiden. I am looking forward to seeing it. I hope to work on my lines during the day while at the Drama classes, but that is never the best place. I do not rehearse until Tuesday night so I have some time (a small bit) to get some work done. I feel better about it all, but the song words are elusive and there is one I have barely rehearsed (How to Survive). The words ain't easy in this show!

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