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Friday, November 05, 2010

Yikes - Overdue Fees

Sigh. I had a whopper of a library bill to pay today. I tried to renew them online but couldn't figure out how to do it so I took them back today and faced the music. Yikes. 5 books. 2$ a day. 7 days. You can do the math. The librarian was lovely. Told me that as long as the fees were under $50 I could take out more - so I got them down to $30 and took out what I needed. I will have to make sure I get my paper written in less than 2 weeks so that I can get those new ones returned. EPL is a lot cheaper for fines. Sigh. Oh well, I probably helped pay for more books for the library. Just doing my part!

Yesterday started so crappy. I basically lost the day waiting on my car and then getting Mark's so I could accomplish the rest of the day. This past week when you count the rental car and the repairs we spent almost $1000 on my car. I think it is time for a new one. Really. If you include the lost time for me it is even more valuable. Ggah!

The evening was better. I was able to keep my theatre date with Lindsey to see Love and Human Remains at the U of A. Great visit with the Linds. We could talk for hours. The play was interesting. It's a Brad Fraser play so there was a lot of nudity, sex and violence with a bit of comic book aesthetic. Some of the casting was questionable but you are dealing with a very narrow age range from the pool of actors in the program, so you do the best you can. The pace was also set at a very high rate to support the quick slides from scene to scene (it is really written like a screenplay) so it takes time to invest in the characters. The nudity was handled well, but I question it's purpose. Sometimes it distracted from other scenes. If the director is controlling where the audience is supposed to look we were certainly getting mixed messages. I did think it was interesting and a worthwhile night of theatre. Some fabulous lighting and one thing I love about the U of A shows is that the concept is always cohesive and complete.

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