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Monday, November 22, 2010

Is it possible to have too much theatre to see?

Maybe. Or maybe with rehearsals my life is just pretty full. This is the mixed blessing of Edmonton - there is so much to see and not enough time to see it. And sometimes you make the wrong choice and see the wrong thing instead of something that would have been better/different. Anyhow, I have seen a few shows this month and missed a few and rehearsed quite a bit (and oh those are my children), and now I feel overloaded. The most expensive show I saw was one of the furthest from the best. The most inexpensive show I saw was the best I have seen in forever - the rest were scattered in the middle on both price and quality. I missed at least four (The Crucible, Laramie, Legion Blues, and Edward Muybridge) that I wanted to catch and having not seen them I do not know how they were, but reports were good so I feel regret.

Anyhow, those of you who might think there is nothing to do in Edmonton are sadly deluded. There is so much and at times too, too much. I am now gearing up for Much Ado About Nothing, and White Christmas and Beckett's Shorts and those are just the ones I know off the top of my head... no doubt the invites are going to start rolling in and I will have to figure out when and if I can get to them.

On another note - Mark has a cast on his wrist - he may or may not have a broken wrist. He has to wear it for 10 days and then they will re-x-ray and see what it looks like. Not fun. This means he will be in cast for his birthday and with snow and all that we have going on this weekend it will not be fun. Well, we will make do, I guess. It's not the first cast we have dealt with.

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