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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Feast or Famine...

It seems as though I can never get the balance just right. I am either incredibly busy I am stressed about it or so under-busy I am bored and stir crazy. When I get my stuff sorted out to the right level, then 16 of my friends have shows on and I need to see them, but I can't possibly get to all of them. Sigh. It's feast or famine. I squeeze in a book a week (which feels like under performing in the reading area for me) and I agonize that I have yet to start my Drama Paper (due in two weeks - yikes! - at least I've done my reading and have my research books). I have glitter and green paint on my fingers from building props and have somehow managed to feed the kids (that's a good thing) and get them to their activities. I feel overwhelmed, but I know that once all the shows are done I will feel at loose ends. Sigh.

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