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Monday, January 26, 2009

Sky's the Limit...

We finished up the 4 show run on Saturday night. Our audience was 9 people, only 4 of whom paid. On the Wednesday we had 5 people in the house. Opening and Friday we had between 20-30 people. It was a great show, with wonderful people to work with, but the lack of promotion by Horizon Players really disappointed me. I did what I could with Facebook and encouraging people I knew to come, but it was a challenge. Most of the students I know could not get out there. I was most disappointed that not all of the Board of Horizon Players came to see the show. The President of the Board never came out to a show. Disappointing.

Anyhow, we wrapped up the event at Elizabeth's lovely house in Stony Plain and we stumbled home at 4 AM. Good practice for the Casino I worked last night!

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