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Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Project - Sky

I am off to my first rehearsal for Sky this afternoon. My friend AM is directing. I specifically asked for the non-speaking role because I didn't want the added weight of learning lots of lines. I am quite comfortable creating a character in silence. This should be enough of a challenge without over-taxing me in this busy month. I am also working on prepping for The Last Five Years which I am directing. That show goes up in March so I have stacked a few things on top of each other. I have my writing desk back after lending it to Walterdale for the last show, so I have re-organized it and have been using it. It is like my own little 'room of my own' for writing and working. I am currently seeking ideas for the 24 hour playwriting competition that is coming up next weekend. Any suggestions?

Funny?... On New Years Day my brother's mother-in-law made a comment to me along the lines of "You still doing that drama stuff? I guess you need something to keep you busy." The suggestion is that as a SAHM I sit and eat bon-bons all day and this is just some little thing I do to occupy my time. As if. So glad she is not my mother-in-law.


Magnolia said...

Well that answers my question from FB. You are certainly a busy bee... but I completely understand. I have only been out of CFY for 5 days, am still a little uncomfortable in terms of my back, yet I am feeling a bit out of sorts cause I don't have a rehearsal or anything to go to today... I'm sure glad you're still doing all that "drama stuff."

Finster said...

Well, I was a little worried about committing the time, but after the rehearsal yesterday I feel better about it. It was very satisfying and I felt like I contributed. Plus it is nice to See Elizabeth and chat with her and to work with AM and Lindsey Walker. John Evans is also in it and I have heard about him before. The drive is a pain, but I think they will be understanding. We also pulled the 'last' slot of the evening, so I am relieved about that.