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Monday, February 02, 2009

Home for a rest...

This past week I started work on The Last Five Years. I am directing my good friends, Magnolia and El Muchacho (his new title) in this wonderful 2 person musical. I had my first rehearsal with Magnolia on Tuesday and we did a nice chronological track through the script. I love this part. I love the 'mining' and the talking and sorting out what the story is all about for this character. To do this show right, you have to know the separate journeys of the two characters. If you are playing one of them, you have to feel right, even when the character makes mistakes. I can imagine people leaving this show thinking 'she was right/he was wrong' or 'she was wrong/he was right'. I want people to leave thinking they were both right and both wrong. I want no villains and no heroes. I want real people. So, we have a good time walking through.

I was supposed to rehearse Thursday and found I couldn't. I was hit by something. I don't know if I caught whatever Oliver had on Tuesday, or if I just needed to stop for a moment. Because when I thought about it, I realized I had not stopped going, going, going since I can't remember. I thought it was just since before Black Hearts, but then I thought about it and realized I came right into that from the Walterdale Gala, and into that from the Fringe, and into the Fringe from the One Acts and Baby and before that Crimes... Maybe I just needed a few days off? I have to watch that in myself because if I don't watch it I will pile up everything, one thing on top of another. I worry that if I don't do this or don't do that I will miss the opportunity. I have to make myself happy with the bounty I have, because I am by no means sitting on my butt doing nothing.

Anyhow, by Sunday I felt better. I took it easy Thursday, Friday and Saturday and this made it nice to go into rehearsal on Sunday and get some work done. We roughed out 4 of the songs and did more mining and tracking and I feel real good about it. I can't wait to get both of my cast members together and in a month it should feel even more exciting.

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Magnolia said...

Hee hee--El Muchacho!! Cute.
I'm loving the process too. In just a week of thinking about it, I feel like I am working on all new material rather than songs I have known for years!