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Monday, January 05, 2009

The Next Few Months... The Last 5 years...

I spent a lot of time today working on The Last 5 Years (L5Y). We have set our fist production meeting for this Sunday afternoon. I will likely be a little brain fogged since I will have just come off the 24 Hour Playwriting Competition as part of 10 Days of Madness. I am hoping to actually sleep a bit during the competition so that I am not totally screwed up, and I know that I write fast when I have time and no children distracting me so I also hope to finish early so that I can go home and snooze a bit. In any case, due to the potential for brain-fog I want to have as much as possible on paper as I can. If I am unable to articulate what I need at the meeting, at least my pre-planning notes will speak for me. The big thing for me is scheduling. I need to know my road map. I spent today breaking down Units and then blocking out what I need to get done and estimating time. We are going in to rehearsal with two fairly well-prepared singers who pretty much know the show so that will hopefully save us some learning time. It would likely not be doable if they didn't already know the music.

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