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Monday, November 03, 2008

New Projects are Exciting!

So, two good friends of mine asked me to direct them in the show, The Last 5 Years. It will be a co-production between their 2 production companies and it will go up in March. We met yesterday to check in and discuss the project and see if I am on board. I am. Oh yeah! I am very excited about this. It is a beautiful musical for 2 with really great songs that are dramatic and compelling. Very much the stuff I like to do and see. Plus, the two of them are great for the roles so it is not one of those 'okay, I'll do it - yikes, how will I direct them?' kind of things. (And I am not just saying that because one of them reads this blog!) There are still a few pieces of the team to put together and we probably won't start actually working on it until late January, early February, but that is alright because it gives me time to plan and structure the work time. Finally, a musical to direct in Edmonton!

Great weekend over and done with. Friday was Halloween and the boys had a blast. Saturday I shipped them off to my Mom's and had my 2nd Annual 40th Birthday Party. Great turn-out and a lot of fun and wonderful people from my life came and sang and drank and ate and talked. Everything a party should be! Yesterday was crazy busy, but I survived a pre-production meeting in Sherwood Park, then a group project meeting at the University, then a rehearsal at Walterdale, dinner at the Act and then back to Walterdale for a Board Meeting! Whew! I was a little punchy at the end of the evening, but in a silly way not a cranky one...

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Magnolia said...

I am so glad you are excited!! I know I am. Things are falling into place!!