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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life Proceeds Apace...

Well, for a long weekend, I didn't feel like I got much rest. Perhaps it was the child-activity filled day with show with friends out in Sherwood Park in the evening on Saturday (winding up with a late night at a Irish Pub), followed by rehearsing all afternoon and going to the movie with Mark on Sunday. Then Monday, all kid activities were still on (including school). On Tuesday, Remembrance Day, I did not have class, but my Final Project group met for 3 1/2 hours in the afternoon and then I rehearsed for Black Hearts in the evening. Wednesday, actually felt like a break, even though I had to go in to the University to meet up with my group again for an hour.

Black Hearts is starting to feel more solid. It has been the most challenging script I have ever had to learn and I don't even have that many lines compared to Steel Magnolias or Gypsy. It is the nature of having ghosts in the script, who we can't hear, but who may be our cues lines. It is hard for the brain. Also, a lot of the early work was useless. We could have been beating at the script, but instead we were doing all this improv stuff. Finally we are working, working, working the script and it feels like it is solidifying. I just wish we had done more work on the text earlier so I didn't feel like I am always having to shake away insecurities about lines. This Sunday we are no longer allowed to call line... which I personally feel is a mistake. We have 2 weeks to Q2Q. There are so many things that we are still adding and whenever a new element gets added the lines will regress. Maybe if we had more time working the text earlier, but, I just don't feel we are ready and I think it is a needlessly early deadline.

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