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Friday, November 28, 2008

... a little more ranting about evaluation ...

I know, I know, I have already talked about my frustrations with the evaluation in my drama class, but I thought I had reconciled myself to the fact that they don't give As and I would be happy with the Bs and B+s that rolled my way. That was until I found out that some people did get As (they might have been A-s) on the last assignment. I was really frustrated when I heard who got them. There were a couple of people I wouldn't have been upset if they got higher than me, but 3 of the 4 I heard about I thought were in no way as strong as mine. I don't think it would have been the written portion, because my written work kicked a$$. I think she marks me harder. If you ask everyone in class to name the top two students in class, 9/10 of them would have me as one of those. However, the way it sits I am in the top third, but there are about 5-6 people who I would guess have higher marks. My problem is, that if those people are 'better' than I am, then I think I should quit doing theatre because I thought I held a higher standard for myself than the work I see them do.

I am interested in seeing what the marks were on the Silent Tension Duo Scenes. If I didn't get an A on that (and the highest mark) I will have to do something about it. What, I don't know!

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