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Thursday, November 06, 2008


This past week we received our midterm marks for my drama course. I was a little disappointed, but was reassured when I was informed that it is extremely rare to see an A in a first year drama class. I was also disappointed in the mark for my midterm group project. We didn't do as well as I had hoped. The comments and mark were likely valid, but I was frustrated because they were things we had cleaned in rehearsal but apparently regressed to in performance. This frustrated me, because I like to work to full potential and I saw those things and worked to clean them, but there they were. I don't anticipate the same issues with my group for Final as we have a much different dynamic. I find it hard to deal with evaluation in drama. It makes me second guess myself.


M said...

Don't let it get you down. I remember when I took 149. I was told straight up that anything over a B+ was extremely rare b/c "the drama dept. doesn't want to encourage people" I was sickened by it then, and i'm sickened by it now. Then again, I kind of see their point. unfortunately.

Finster said...

Yeah, my mistake was in seeing some o fthe other kid's marks and going "Whoa, they have the same mark as me? How is that possible?" The problem with the system is that by not giving top marks it mushes everyone together and then makes the marks irrelevant.

My last Professional development Conference as a teacher was on Assessment, so I cna see folly in the method. I do understand the rational for the field, since I would highly discourage a lot of people from going into acting. I met with my prof and we had a good chat about it and I feel much better now.