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Monday, July 29, 2013

Getting Ready...

This week is about getting ready it seems.  Getting ready for my new job that starts after the long weekend.  I have a closet to assess and then likely some clothes to buy for that.  I have pretty much everything in place for the boys at this point.  I have lots of nerves and excitement to deal with.  I will be starting at the Citadel Theatre as the new Marketing Administrator.  It's an exciting new challenge and I feel I'm am in need of it. I am figuring the learning curve will be steep in August but it's that kind of push that motivates me!  Wish me luck!

I have also taken the time to work a bit on the schedule for Proof.  Of course, it isn't written in stone, as I will have to take into consideration the schedules of the actors I cast, but with my schedule getting a little tighter I have fewer options for flexibility. I luckily was informed of a new policy change at the theatre regarding move in time for the incoming production before I sent the conflicts out to those auditioning.  So, between my anticipated Citadel work conflicts and this new policy I spent a bit of time tweaking the schedule. It's a bit of a pain because it affects a Sunday and those are my absolute easiest day for rehearsing, but I will make it work somehow. I guess it's better to know now than to find out later...

I am excited about the list of people auditioning.  I can tell already I will have hard decisions to make with each character... but that's a nice problem to have.  I can take the time to find the right chemistry because there is choice. Everyone who gets cast in this play will have a great role - a complete and compelling character with an interesting journey. I'm looking forward to leading them all on it!

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