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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Next Next Gig... Directing at Walterdale in the Fall - Proof

Hey Everyone, I have mentioned this earlier, but I am directing Proof by David Auburn at Walterdale Playhouse this fall.  They've just wrapped up the Dracula auditions so it's time to spread the word on the next set of auditions.  I am excited to work on this one as it has been on my list for a few years now.  It's such a nice tight script with complete and compelling characters with interesting and complicated relationships.  It's almost mathematical!

We have our first Design/Production Meeting tonight with the team and I am excited to share my vision so that everyone can get started thinking about the show!

Here are the Audition Details:

Performance Dates: Dec 4 – 14, 2013
Audition Dates: Sept 15 & 16, 2013; 7 – 10 p.m.
Walterdale Theatre (10322 83 Avenue)

The Team:
Director: Kristen M. Finlay; Asst Director: Katelyn Arthurs; Stage Manager: Bethany Hughes; Designers: Joan Heys Hawkins (Set), Elaina Bolton (Costumes), Richard Hatfield (Lighting), Erin Foster-O’Riordan (Sound); Master Builder: Pierre Valois; Production Manager: Catherine Wenschlag

Show Description:
Proof explores the link between genius and madness.  Catherine, a troubled young woman has spent years looking after her brilliant but unstable father, Robert.  Now, following his death, she must deal with her own volatile emotions, her estranged older sister Claire and the attentions of Hal, a former student of her father.

Catherine – 25
Claire – 29, Catherine’s older sister
Robert – 50s, Catherine and Claire’s father, a mathematician
Hal –28, Robert’s former graduate student

Please note:  ages are as given in the script, and are based more on how old someone reads as opposed to actual physical age.  There will be flexibility in casting as they are also relational based on how two individuals read as siblings and parent and child.

The auditions will comprise of the following:
* READINGS FROM THE SCRIPT – These can be emailed out to people in advance of their auditions upon request.
* CALL-BACKS (if required):  TBA

A Rehearsal Schedule will be emailed when you book your audition.  Please bring any potential conflict dates you have to the audition.  Anyone auditioning for the role of Catherine must have a pretty available calendar as she is in almost every scene.

Headshots and résumés are recommended, but not required.

Copies of the script are available for reading at Walterdale Theatre.  Contact the Theatre Administrator at to sign one out (not available during Fringe).

To book an audition, contact me, Kristen M. Finlay by e-mail at or by phone at 780.406.1256

(Drop-ins will be accommodated as time allows)

Walterdale is a volunteer/member organization.  We cannot engage Equity performers.

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