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Friday, July 26, 2013

Wedding and a Road Trip...

This past weekend I had company visit from afar and long ago and we took a little road trip back home to Fort McMurray for another long-time friend's wedding.  My best friend from my high school days, Tina, flew in from Toronto and the two of us loaded up the van and heading up the highway to see our wonderful friend Tammy marry Bryce.  It was a great day for a wedding and it was a lovely casual affair filled with friendship, great food, and a sing-a-long around the fire pit.  They also had fireworks and a very cool balloon release of wishes for the couple.  The best though, was seeing Tammy so obviously happy and full of joy.

The trip to McMurray was fascinating.  It has been a few year since I have been there, I think four, and a lot has changed.  I think Tina was even more blown away as it had been much longer for her so there were many more changes to absorb.  We didn't have a lot of time to explore but Mac Island was incredible and the proliferation of new development in Timberlea and up on the top of Confederation Way was hard to wrap my head around.  We didn't really check out the areas that had been flooded as we had a lot of territory to cover to do that too, but I was really impressed with the new facilities.  I hope the people there appreciate it and use it.  There is no excuse for saying there is nothing to do there. 

Tina and I headed home on the 881 after a breakfast in Anzac (where Tammy lives) and I think this was a less stressful drive home, although I have to admit 63 wasn't too bad on the way up. We had a nice weekend catching up on things from the far past and recent events.  Stories of our kids and our work and what we still wanted to accomplish.  It was a good weekend.

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