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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Prepping for Onegin...

Tomorrow I will be seeing a Preview of Edmonton Opera's Eugene Onegin.  Since it is in Russian I will definitely want to do a little prep today.  I can follow the sur-titles, but I prefer to keep my eyes on the stage as much as possible. I did the prep work for the last opera I saw and it really paid off.  When I go to theatre, I like a little mystery so that I can be surprised and invest myself more in what's happening onstage, but with foreign language Opera it is a different thing for me.  I feel that maybe someday I will be able to go in a little more blind, but for now, I find the prep work pays off.  In addition to my research, I have been following the twitter feeds of many of the people involved and it has been fun to get caught up in their excitement.  Opera and Theatre are events and I like the build up to opening.  Twitter has been fun in that I feel involved in the journey to the stage even though I am not in the show.

So today, before I head off to my rehearsal, I will be reading the material supplied on the fabulous Edmonton Opera website, as well as a few other sources on the internet (just to be safe).  It will be interesting to go from the Operatic Onegin to the Broadway Spelling Bee, but those kind of quick shifts are what keep your brain on it's toes!

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