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Monday, April 15, 2013

Sundays are always busy...

Yesterday I had another delightfully full-of-arts Sunday.  I started the day at the boys' piano lessons, then hustled across town to Walterdale Playhouse to catch Burning Vision.  My date and I grabbed some supper and visited and then we headed off to rehearsal for Spelling Bee.  Following rehearsal i let myself be talked into ending the long day with karaoke at Rosario's. So, it was a full day full of music and theatre. The day had ups and downs.

Although I love hearing my boys play piano, it was clear that there were things they had not really spent much time practicing this week.

The play was interesting - it's a challenging piece - more of a poem onstage, than a traditional piece of theatre.  I will admit I struggled with it a bit. However, I was very impressed with the complicated sound design which gave the audience a very layered sensory experience, and there were several lovely performances. I was most impressed with Amy Chow as Tokyo Rose, as she has a true glow onstage and there always seemed to be many layers beneath what she was saying and thinking.  She was always so clearly present.

Rehearsal went well, but it was the first time we put together a large chunk of units so there was the usual crunchiness than comes with that process.  We also discovered 3 little micro-units that needed to be finished.  I feel like we can now concentrate on cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning, and in that cleaning strengthen the arc and pace of the show.  I am blessed with actors who have thought hard about character and who know how to play and make big choices, now I just have to help them finesse their choices so that it's all the same show!

And ah, Karaoke.  It has been so long and I don't usually sing, but it was nice to end the day that way.  I went with my lovely friend Amanda and it is always terrific to hear her sing - she can wail!  A long day, but certainly not a wasted one.

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