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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Happy Birthday Me!

It's my birthday today.  I got to sleep in a little bit... Now I will be heading off to a Production Meeting for The Weir.  This afternoon I have plans to go to Hotel Transylvania with the boys and then I am angling for a nice steak supper (yes, in spite of the beef recall... I want steak).  First World Birthdays are kind of silly.  I don't need anything and most things I want I tend to get myself.  I would like an iPad, but might just save up for that in a few months.  I love birthdays now that FB is in the world as I woke up to many, many, many greetings and it feels good to read all the wishes from my friends.  I have never been one to hide a birthday. I like to celebrate them!

My birthday wish for you all is that I hope you have a lovely day and maybe get some cake!  Have a good one!

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