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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Done for now... Approaching Birthday Weekend!

This weekend is my birthday.  Gibson just had his.  It is also Thanksgiving.  I am not sure what will happen.  I don't know what I want (other than an iPad) or what I'd like to do (a movie - I haven't seen one in a long time that wasn't rated G).  I want to feel celebrated and thought of.   The next few weeks are jam-packed so I would love a little rest before I hit them.  I wish it were as easy to please me as it is Gibson.  All he needed was Lego and a DS game... oh, and cake. I don't even need the cake.

Today I finished the paint job on the set... well, I finished all I can do until I see it under the lights.  I am only worried about one wall (whether I need to do more breakdown on it) so I feel pretty relaxed right now.  I was touched to receive a phone call this morning from Joan Hawkins, who I consider my painting mentor.  She had been out of town until this week and had popped in for some other theatre business and peeked at the set.  She called me just to tell me how great it looked!  This is kind of what Walterdale can be about.  People will take the time to give you a pat on the back when you do good stuff! The only thing she 'mentioned' to me was the wall I had come in that morning to finish.  I will regard myself as a good student in that her checklist was the same as mine.  I am feeling pleased that she approved - she'd tell me if there were issues that I missed. When they do the Media Photos I will link any pictures that give you a good look at the set.  I tend to have a bad colour balance when I try to take a picture in the space.

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