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Friday, October 05, 2012

Booking Tickets... Giving Some Away... Filling Up the Calendar...

As some of you know, I won a FABULOUS ticket prize this summer from Vue Weekly that meant that I would get to see a lot of great shows this year.  However, I was also unable to use all of them, because of conflicts and being away. I spent a bit of time figuring out the Fall and yesterday gave away 3 pairs of tickets for various events (gotta love FB).  I love that everyone asked if they could pay me, and I loved even more to say "Free for me - Free for you!". It was a nice way to share the prize.  I am sure that in the new year there will be more that I will be giving away, but I only figured out my tickets up to the end of November.

I do get to use some of them myself.  I am looking forward to seeing Poof! The Musical at Capitol Theatre in Fort Edmonton Park and Typhoon Judy at Theatre Network.  I'll also be seeing The Weir at Walterdale Theatre this month. If I can squeeze it in, I will also be going to Ragtime at La Cite - it's going to be a tight fit!  I'm away for two weekends and in rehearsal and working a casino so fitting these events in has actually taken some juggling. I also really, really, really want to go to the Susan Gilmour Cabaret at The Citadel (I Dreamed a Dream), but I am worried I won't be able to get to it.  Too many wonderful things to see, not enough days in the month!

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Annemarie said...

You're the best person to have won that prize - no one else would actually make it out to see nearly as many of the shows as you will!