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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Endings and Beginnings and Judy! Just another weekend...

Another jam packed weekend for me and I didn't even get to a Halloween Party!  On Friday, I took Janine to see Typhoon Judy at Theatre Network.  It was a Guys in Disguise production and a ton of fun.  I learned how to sing by listening and singing along to Judy Garland as a child. I also read several of her biographies and next to Marilyn Monroe, she is celebrity I know the most about due to some strange fan fixations I had in my teens so it was great fun to take the ride through Judy's life in this show.  The script is not complex but it is certainly delivered with a great sense of tribute and homage to Judy!  I was impressed with the vocals (live) and the quality, particularly in the big belt notes where you could hear the work that Christopher Peterson had put in to create the sound of the icon. The only thing I wished was that we were sitting at little round tables with candles in red glass holders and a nice glass of wine.  It seemed to be far more suitable a show for a cabaret setting than a theatre.  But, we had a great time and it was a super way to end the week.

On Saturday The Weir closed.  I worked as FOH Manager and was pleased to see a nice big house show up.  There was something really cool about sitting in the lobby listening to the laughter and the applause from the house. After the show we struck the set, which took awhile since we were a small cast and team and the set was pretty extensive, and then we enjoyed a wee closing party.  It was low key but nice.  This was a great show to be a part of.  I felt challenged by my work and was pleased with the result.  That's the best.

On Sunday (today) The Misanthrope moved into Walterdale.  Just call it a revolving door for me!  Production Meeting, Building Tour and then rehearsal today.  I feel good about a few things in terms of my work in the show, but if anything, today showed me how much more work I have to do!  Good thing we have over a month.  I know I will be fine, I am just a bit of a perfectionist and I am sooooo far from perfect right now. It will come and it is so great to be in the space.  It's always nice when we move into the theatre and get a sense of exactly how big the set actually is.

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