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Monday, August 02, 2010

Time on My Own...

This weekend Mark took the boys to a Finlay Family Reunion while I stayed home alone and enjoyed the alone time. I was not just being a party pooper, but I have had a month of weekends with 'stuff to do' on all of them (Final Tech Weekend, Show Opening/High School Reunion/company staying at my house, Show Closing/Family Reunion, Visit from Sis and Bro-in-law/Double kid's birthday party) and I needed a major break. Yes, I know, it has been 2 weeks since Whorehouse closed, but I spent a couple of weeks in there with the boys and one of those weeks was rainy (so we were housebound) and the other was sunny (so we were majorly out and about) and I felt exhausted. Plus, being in between projects is always a challenge for me. I have done some work on Rabbit Hole, but I am happiest when I am actively working on something.

The reunion was out at a lake, complete with campfire, mosquitoes, and fishing - for some this would be heaven - for me, I find that more stressful than you can ever know. I am NOT a campfire in the woods person. Anyhow, the boys and Mark had a good time. I got some major cleaning done and tonnes of laundry and cooked and watched two of my movies that I have had on the shelf for a while (Atonement and Slumdog Millionaire). I finished my book (The Book of Negroes) and I did some errands. I slept in and stayed up late and I enjoyed the silence. No DS game sound. No YTV on in the background. No kids yelling at each other in either play or fight.

They are home again and the DS Players are in full force and I have had to ask Gibson 4 times to turn the sound off. Timmy Turner is on the TV and there has been one minor skirmish. Ah...

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