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Monday, August 16, 2010


I am off to the Fringe again today. I will be seeing Bash'd, Night Sweats, Hoboheme and Jake's Gift today. The first two are in the afternoon and the other two are in the evening.

I am very pleased with my Fringe experience this year. Every show has had something to recommend it. Some were more successful in delivery than others but that's going to happen. I have so far avoided any outright duds! Yay! At this point my top "Word of Mouth" recommendation is Shimmer, but remember it all depends on what you look for in the Fringe experience. I look for a solid theatrical experience - good writing, great acting and direction and a clean show. It isn't necessarily the production values (cost of the set, costume, etc...) but rather the unity of the concept and how much it engaged me.

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