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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mid Point

Saw a few very different shows last night... Good, but for different reasons:

Hoboheme - I was cackling at this show (that's what the writer/director Mike Robertson said about my delicate laugh - a cackle....). The hobo aesthetic in script and concept and the way the actors attack this piece is ridiculous, in a very good way. Sure, it could be tighter, but really, would hobos make a tight, crisp show? I don't think so... Kudos to the tree/moon man - we loved him.

Jake's Gift - I heard about this show 2 years ago and was unable to get a ticket so I made sure I got one when I heard it was back. It was truly worth it. Like Shimmer, it was an amazing performance of one actor playing many roles with seamless transitions. Simple, yet beautiful.

I also missed my last show of the night. Be careful when you get your tickets. 15 Minutes might not be enough time to get from one venue to another, especially when one is a BYOV that has a little more freedom to creep over its time allotment and when you trip on the way and bang your big toe, causing you to limp... It was probably better that I get home early.

I also saw Bash'd yesterday - OUTSTANDING! You probably can't get tickets for this one, but hopefully it will be held over.

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