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Friday, December 04, 2009

Snow Falling on Cement Patio...

Well we finally have winter. We were a little spoiled in it coming so late so I am not going to complain about it. Between Mark and I, the sidewalks were shovelled 4x today and although I have not looked in a few hours, I am willing to bet you can't tell. I also did the driveway and that will help in future as the layers that pile up should be thinner. Let's hope.

I am also hoping the weather did not deter people from getting to Lend Me a Tenor at Walterdale Playhouse. I saw the show in all it's glory on Opening Night and I think they did a fabulous job. It isn't 'high art' but it is hilarious! I could sense some Opening Night tightness off the top, but about 10 minutes in they heard the laughs and loosened up and just ran with it. That's what you do with a farce, get it rolling and hang on! I heard lots of wonderful comments afterwards and I laughed quite a bit despite knowing the script inside and out. Loved so many of their choices!

I cancelled a Best Little Whorehouse (BLWIT) meeting tonight. I did not want to brave the streets in my go-cart, particularly not with the boys and I would have had to drop them off at the store first. Everyone seemed relieved at the cancellation. I did some of the meeting work via email and will try and get more of it done that way since many of my team-mates are super busy people so getting them all in the same room will be a challenge. I am getting excited about the show and now that I cleared a few things from my life I can refocus on the work I started in the spring on it. Yee haw! I get very excited contemplating possible casts and I know I need to banish those thoughts until I see people at auditions, but it's fun to speculate!

I baked cookies today and froze some for Christmas. I will have to hide them in the big freezer so they will still exist at that time. All 3 of my boys snitch if things are too readily accessible! Not fond of the monster cookies and I won't make those again. The shortbread is delightful!

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