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Sunday, December 06, 2009

I Could Understand If I'd Been Drinking...

But I wasn't. I was just out really, really late chatting with folks. However, my 40+ body interprets anything short of 8 hours of sleep as call for a hangover and my head is killing me. Oh, it could be other things, like the temperature drop creating some sort of pressure shift in my body. Usually I feel that in my right foot though (I have broken it twice and I can now predict rain with it). Or, maybe it was caffeine withdrawal because I didn't drink my usual gallons of diet coke yesterday. In any case, I am waiting for the ache to stop because I have the delightful task of driving my go-cart on city streets today and I don't know what kind of shape the roads are in. They were plowing last night in the area I have to go to. I could be lucky.

Last night was fun. A wee wine and cheese and tree-trimming at Joyce's where I visited with folks I like to see and chat with but don't always get a chance to. Much talk of theatre because that is 90% of my life it seems. Some comic banter and mocking and that's all fun!

Tonight I have to go to the auditions for The Mail Order Bride at Walterdale. I will be used in whatever capacity needed, but I really hope to be in the room. I may be manning the front desk. Whatever helps the team best I will do. Another show lining up. It's all good.


Janine said...

I had a nasty headache all weekend (since Thursday actually) and hubby said it was the pressure change. The steel rod in his arm always warns us of bad weather coming. Poor guy, he couldn't feel his right hand's last two digits most of the weekend due to the rod messing with his nerve endings.
Anyway, we took a look last night and the pressure was over 104! No wonder!

Hope you saw some great talent out last night. I'm still thinking about whorehouse. I really want to do it. I don't know if I'd get in, I'm pretty rusty, but it'd be so fun!

Finster said...

It will be fun! I am wondering how I shall refer to the show in my house (BLWIT? - Best Little? I have been using Whorehouse, but that might have to stop because one day one of the boys will ask me what a whorehouse is). Never had to think about that when I did the show at 23! I would love to see you out, but I totally understand if you can't do it. You have kids much younger than mine and all that.

Some really nice auditions last night and we have tonight, too. As always, we have more women to choose from, than men, but I think we will get a very nice cast.