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Monday, December 07, 2009


I'm cold. It's cold. I don't want to complain, because we actually got off pretty easy in it coming so late. It's like Oliver cutting 3 teeth in one weekend - it was a pain of a weekend, but I preferred it to when Gibson took two months to cut one tooth. So, when the dump of snow came on Friday and the temperature plummeted over 2 days, it was fast and shocking, but at least we didn't have weeks of chilling temperatures and having to shovel a cm a day for weeks. I don't know. I am trying to be positive in my funny winter hat.


Annemarie said...

Yeah, do you think you can get that cold all out of the way before I show up on Saturday? :)

I think I'll stay at Mom and Dad's so you don't need to dislodge a child - I get in at 9:30 Sat morning. I think Mom lined up Dad to come pick me up. I like that - we usually get all of our visiting done in the 30 min drive.

I need to do some Christmas shopping during my trip home, and I'd like to work out a couple of days. That's pretty much all I've got in mind though - well that and raiding your deep freeze at least once for a cookie - unlike your husband and children I know enough to sneak into the garage for goodies! :)

Finster said...

I better start baking to replace all the ones they have eaten! Wed and Friday will be my baking days!

I can talk to my p/t nanny about maybe coming on Monday instead of Tuesday and then we could spend that day shopping... Otherwise I have to be home to get Gibson at 11:45 a.m.